Thanks to all of you, Seryouan celebrated its 5th anniversary in May 2024.
We would like to take this opportunity
to express our sincere gratitude for your patronage.
We, the staff of Seryouan, would like to thank you all for your patronage.
We hope that you will enjoy your stay with us even more.
We are looking forward to your continued patronage.

What is Seryouan?

Seryouan is a villa for only one group per day.
It is a place where you can enjoy your stay with just your family or friends without any hesitation.
The hermitage has a 1000 Square Meter
Japanese garden supervised by Toemon Sano, a renowned landscape architect famous for his cherry blossom protection.

  • Japanese garden supervised by Toemon Sano
  • you can enjoy your stay
  • villa for only one group per day
  • hermitage has a 1000 Square Meter

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A 150-year-old traditional Japanese-style house has been renovated in a modern Japanese style.
The loft-style bedroom has a double bed and a sofa bed, and the thatched roof creates a unique atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy your stay. In the living room, you can enjoy grilled rainbow trout on the authentic sunken hearth.

  • modern Japanese style
  • The loft-style bedroom

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For your meal, enjoy the cuisine created in the village of Seriou.
We offer a breakfast of basket lunches featuring vegetables grown in the hermitage's own vegetable garden, as well as local Kyoto vegetables. We also offer a barbecue Botan-Nabe (wild boar stew course).

  • Basket Lunch BreakfastBasket Lunch Breakfast
  • BarbecueBarbecue
  • Wild boar stewWild boar stew
  • Fresh vegetablesFresh vegetables from the vegetable garden.

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In addition to the stone bath (indoor bath), there is an open-air Shigaraki-ware bath where you can enjoy forest bathing.
The baths are filled with mineral-rich natural raw water that springs from the mountains 200 meters away from Seryouan, and are gentle on the skin and do not cool down easily.

  • Stone bathStone bath (indoor hot water)
  • Shigaraki ware ceramic bathShigaraki ware ceramic bath (outside bath)

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  • Activities

    Trout FishingTrout Fishing
    Fishing rod / bait set
    Price 1,000 JPY (tax not included)

    Rental BicycleRental Bicycle
    Price 500 JPY (tax not included)

    Pizza OvenPizza Oven
    Fee: 3,000 JPY
    (including firewood and instruction fee/
    tax not included)
  • Large Screen Home Theater

    Large Screen Home Theater

    A 100-inch home theater in the loft bedroom allows you to enjoy prime video and other entertainment.

  • Karaoke


    In the living room, you can enjoy yourself with Karaoke System.

  • Fully stocked kitchenware

    Fully stocked kitchenware

    We provide various kitchenware and seasonings so that you can cook by yourself.


Seryo 8, Keihoku Seryo-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto, 601-0404 Japan
TEL:+81 80-4645-6386 (from outside Japan); 080-4645-6386 (from inside Japan)

A shuttle service runs between the hotel and Kokusaikaikan Station on the Kyoto Municipal Subway.

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